fort myers river district

Fort Myers River District: It’s Always Happening

Filled with an exciting array of things to do, see and experience, just like its mantra, the Fort Myers River District is “always happening”. This vibrant area sits right on the Caloosahatchee River, beckoning area residents and tourists alike with its vibrancy and appeal.

edison theatre

Edison Theatre: Fort Myers Icon

While a true Fort Myers icon, the Edison Theatre is perhaps a lesser-known area landmark. Confusion even surrounds when the theater was built. While some claim it happened in the early 1920s, others put its start a couple of decades later, making it perhaps one of the River District’s younger structures.


CenterPlace Coming to Ben Hill Griffin

A major new commercial and residential development is headed to the already popular area of Ben Hill Griffin. Lee County Commissioners recently gave the go-ahead for a project named CenterPlace to go up near Gulf Coast Town Center and Florida Gulf Coast University.

the place on first

The Place on First Offering Five Floor Plans

With your choice of five distinct floor plans, The Place on First supplies the exclusivity of a small condo development, with the upscale features designed to attract buyers. This high-end, mixed-use building sits at Jackson and First Street

cape coral cra district

Cape Coral Eying CRA District Improvements

Cape Coral city leaders are eying new Community Redevelopment Agency improvements, with plans to further boost economic growth and encourage investment in the area. One of the latest plans calls for a Streetscape Improvement Project for downtown, making the area more pedestrian-friendly.

art swfl

Art Thrives in Downtown Fort Myers

From live performances to art workshops, family-friendly festivals to galleries, the art world is truly thriving in Downtown Fort Myers, and some propose an even larger presence in the future. The area known for its interesting shops and restaurants is also rich with artistic flair, with area visionaries determined to continue the trend.

fort myers river district artwork

A Vision for Downtown Fort Myers

Some Fort Myers officials have a vision for downtown, and it involves adding more housing and retail options to the area. Already well known for hosting a unique blend of restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and entertainment venues in the vibrant River District

The Place on First Coming to the River District

Brand new options in luxury living emerge as The Place on First opens itself up to residential buyers in the River District. The new, mixed-use development is currently under construction at First and Jackson, the first building of its kind to go up in Downtown Fort Myers in about ten years.

high point place

High Point Place: Life at the Top in Fort Myers

Overlooking sweeping river views, just steps from the exciting Fort Myers River District, High Point Place capitalizes on its unique location with enviable features and luxurious amenities. This impressive urban high-rise makes a dramatic showing in one of the area’s most highly sought after destinations.

fort myers river district art work

The Fort Myers River District is Always Happening

The place to live, work and play, the Fort Myers River District is always happening, filled with exciting places to visit and things to do. This waterfront locale is known for its charming selection of shops, restaurants, art galleries and entertainment, combining to form a unique residential and commercial destination.

Estero Village Center

A plan for a traditional downtown, featuring a desirable village center that creates walkable public spaces connecting all 35-gated communities in Estero, has received widespread support from Estero residents. A packed meeting with residents this month updated them on negotiations with developers for a village center with residential and commercial spaces, sidewalks, and bike paths

bimini basin cape coral

Bimini Basin Project Excites Cape Coral

With Florida amenities like sun and water, the city of Cape Coral is moving forward to develop a destination at the Bimini Basin and create a high quality of life for both residents and visitors, as well as ensure protections for the environment.

fort myers midtown neighborhood

Fort Myers Midtown Emerging

Redevelopment plans for Midtown Fort Myers are shaping up. City leaders have started planning to revitalize the area around central Fort Myers and City of Palms in south downtown, with an eye to bring new businesses to the district.

Bonita Springs Downtown Improvements

Downtown Bonita Springs Getting Makeover

The revitalization of downtown Bonita Springs is moving forward, with full support by the City Council. Downtown redevelopment plans are getting a major push by the city that will completely change Bonita’s historic downtown, increasing economic development in the area.

Fort Myers Named Top Market For Millennial Buyers

Homeownership among young adults is on the rise, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Millennials—those between the age of 18 and 34—are flocking to big-city suburbs and lower density cities. Fort Myers made the list of Top 10 Metros for the millennial population.

Trolley Service Resumes in The Fort Myers River District

The downtown Fort Myers trolleys will offer visitors and residents a free ride in and around historic Fort Myers. Two new River District trolley routes will run from Monday through Saturday until April 17 and serve the River District. This is the second season that trolleys will ferry passengers throughout downtown Fort Myers.

arcade theatre fort myers river district

Fort Myers River District is Alive and Well

A new seasonal downtown trolley service offers free transportation in and around historic Fort Myers. Hop on and off as often as you like as you explore the vibrant and growing downtown River District. An eclectic mix of boutiques; art galleries; live music and theatre; exciting new restaurants; upscale hotels; tourist attractions; and nightclubs can all be found here among the cobblestone streets of the downtown River District.

residences at coconut point balcony overlooking retail and entertainment area

Dining, Shopping and More at The Coconut Point Mall

The Coconut Point Mall is the perfect destination for food, shopping and entertainment set in a picturesque outdoor mall featuring over 140 stores, including Target, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Dillards Department Store, surrounding several acres of lakes with a boardwalk. Shopping varies across every price point from apparel, jewelry, and accessories to sporting goods.

nevermind awesome bar and eatery

Cape Coral CRA District – Enjoy A Walkable Lifestyle

The rumors that you may have heard up north that nobody walks anywhere in Cape Coral are a bit of a stretch. The Downtown Cape Coral Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) District neighborhood offers a multitude of reasons and places to walk in the heart of Cape Coral.

Downtown Fort Myers High-rise Market Update

The market for riverfront high-rises in Downtown Fort Myers is hot…..we are talking top of the stove…..Sahara Desert… car interiors in August hot. The transformation of this market from a bubble-era bust to today’s robust environment is truly remarkable.

Live at Coconut Point and Lose the Car Keys

As Americans turn away from sprawling suburbia to more urban neighborhoods, walkable communities have exploded in popularity. While the majority of Southwest Florida isn’t considered overly walkable, the Coconut Point area is an exception. The Coconut Point Mall, which anchors the master-planned Coconut Point area features 113 stores, 25 restaurants and a movie theater.

Urban Infill Fever – Catch it Now Fort Myers Developers

Urban infill development is getting hot across the country. Driven by high gas prices and smaller and less traditional families, Americans are rediscovering the benefits of living in a walkable urban environment. USA Today covered this phenomena earlier this week in an article titled Subdivisions go urban as housing market changes.

downtown fort myers

Fort Myers Urban Lifestyle Neighborhoods

In this era of expensive gasoline, ultra-long commutes from distant suburbs and an increased focus on walkability, many Americans are fleeing suburbia for an urban lifestyle experience. Many of our nation’s great cities are experiencing a revitalization of their urban cores as more people move into them and create a new vibrancy.

Fort Myers High-rise Condos – 2011 Sales Summary

The Fort Myers River District High-rise market continues to be one of the most active segments of our market. In 2011, 117 units sold in the six riverfront high-rise developments per data compiled from the Greater Fort Myers and the Beach MLS.

Fort Myers River District Gaining Momentum

Wink News covers the explosion of new businesses opening in recent months in the Downtown Fort Myers River District. While this has been a real long time coming…….it sure feels good to see the area gaining momentum and becoming something more than the seat of the Lee County Government and a home to hundreds of empty condos.

High Point Place – 2011 Market Update

Many consider High Point Place to be the premium Fort Myers waterfront high-rise development. This 32-story project is the tallest building between Tampa and Miami and is located in a very walkable location the closest to Downtown Fort Myers. The views over the wide Caloosahatchee River are stunning from High Point units.

First Street Village Fort Myers Florida

First Street Village Pre-construction Now Selling

First Street Village is now accepting deposits for units at this new condo development in Downtown Fort Myers. First Street Village will include both street level retail and 200 new condos in four mid-rise buildings.

downtown fort myers

Live, Work and Play in Fort Myers

Many top land planing experts, economists and local leaders met yesterday in Downtown Fort Myers to discuss land planning for the next 25 years in the Fort Myers area.

Paseo Townhouse

Paseo Village Residences

Neighborhoods with alleys and garages tucked behind homes are a growing trend in American architecture as reported by the Denver Post. This design allows for denser communities with car-free front yards. This configuration facilitates more neighborhood interaction and activity in front of the homes.

residences at coconut point

Residences at Coconut Point

In a region known for its auto-dependent gated-community lifestyle, an urban walker-friendly condo option is now available. The Residences at Coconut Point is a residential condo community located at the vibrant Coconut Point Mall in Estero, Florida.

Strategic Planning in Cape Coral

It was wonderful to see that the community leadership in Cape Coral is meeting to strategize about bringing new businesses and attractions to Cape Coral. The economy of the Cape, which has long been fueled by real estate and development, desperately needs to diversify into other areas.

First Street Village Fort Myers Florida

First Street Village Moving Forward in Fort Myers

The much anticipated First Street Village mixed-use project in the Downtown Fort Myers River District is now moving forward. The team developing this project is original developer Camaratta Properties along with Real Capital Solutions, a Denver-based real estate investment company.

First Street Village brings true urbanism to Southwest Florida with 200 new condos joining the existing boutique retail on the site. This downtown location, covering a block between West First Street and historic McGregor Boulevard, offers walking access to shopping, dining, entertainment, and many office buildings.

Fort Myers high-rise valuations

Valuing Oasis Condos in Fort Myers for Absolute Auction

The Fort Myers real estate community is buzzing with anticipation due to the upcoming auction of 125 condos at the Oasis high-rise development. Forty of the condos will be sold on an absolute basis with no minimum price. The Oasis owners have brought in the big guns from Washington, DC…..McWilliams | Ballard to market this property. McWilliams | Ballard is known in the Mid-Atlantic region for manufacturing a buzz for developers as they bring new product to market.

Fort Myers to Expand River District Waterfront

The Fort Myers City Council approved $4.3M to extend the Caloosahatchee River two blocks south to Bay Street in Fort Myers. This river expansion will create a new waterfront basin on space currently used as a parking lot. When completed in late 2011, this expansion is estimated to have an annual economic impact of $76M.

Fort Myers Urban Lifestyle Real Estate

The has a story about a recent speech given by housing researcher John Mcllwain titled, “The Suburban Century is Over.” Mcllwain predicts a shift in American housing and lifestyle preference away from the white picket fence suburbia towards a more urban lifestyle. In TV terms the wonderful suburban neighborhoods of Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch and Bewitched are fading and the urban lifestyles of the Odd Couple, Mary Tyler Moore and Frazier are coming of age.

Downtown Fort Myers High-rise Round-up

Southwest Florida condo buyers are taking notice of the significant price reductions at the Fort Myers River District high-rise developments. Over the last 12 months $11.4M in Downtown Fort Myers High-rise condos have sold. On a dollars per square foot basis, recent sales have been at about 50% of the price that these condos originally sold for as new construction.

Oasis Fort Myers Foreclosed by BOA

Bank of America has foreclosed on the Related Group’s Oasis Condominium development in the Fort Myers River District. The $157M filing ranks as the second largest ever in Lee County. Jorge Perez and the team at Related Group had ambitious plans to bring a slice of South Beach to Fort Myers, but missed badly on the Oasis project.

Fort Myers High-rise Update

The News-Press provides an update on the high-rise scene in the Fort Myers River District. Leasing activity is increasing – drawing in younger tenants High Point Place sales are brisk – at slightly moderated prices First Street Village – will move forward in future Riviera – 75 units to be[…]

Historic Fort Myers Real Estate

The eclectic neighborhoods making up historic Old Fort Myers offer an introspective view into the early days of our city. It is not hard to envision early settlers flocking to the neighborhoods surrounding the winter estates of great men like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone. It is most[…]

Fort Myers Urban Lifestyles

Living in an urban setting where life goes on without jumping in the car several times a day can be very rewarding. I had this experience in my late twenties living in Downtown Boston. Walking to work, jogging along the river and trying new ethnic restaurants…..what could be better! Unlike[…]

Red Sox Real Estate

As the Red Sox continue their spring training relocation dance with Sarasota, it appears that the most viable spots in Lee County for a new Red Sox complex are in Estero. A new spring training complex in Estero makes all the sense in the world. First and foremost, Estero is[…]

Fort Myers High-rises

The News-Press has an article about Fort Myers high-rises and some of the challenges developers are facing in today’s market. This market sector was impacted by to heavy investor involvement in the first couple of projects including Beau Rivage and Alta Mar. The market swooned as these projects were coming[…]

An Oasis in Fort Myers

The luxury urban lifestyle commonly associated with South Beach has come to the Fort Myers landscape courtesy of the Related Companies and their new project, the Oasis. This development features five 32-story high-rises sited along the Caloosahatchee River in the Downtown Fort Myers River District. With 1,079 units at full[…]

Urban Lifestyle at High Point Place

The urban lifestyle that is so treasured along 5th Avenue South in Naples is slowly taking shape here in Fort Myers. At the west end of the River District, the tallest building in Southwest Florida is a fantastic anchor for our urban revitalization. Steps away from historic McGregor Boulevard, the[…]

Fort Myers River District

Downtown area renamed The Downtown area of Fort Myers along the Caloosahatchee River has been formally named the “River District.” The goal of the new name is to accentuate the positive riverfront location and bring more people and businesses to the area. The new River District logo released by the[…]

No Vue

Fort Myers high-rise deposits returned Investors in the proposed riverfront 28-story high-rise the Vue, to be located at at 13oo Hendry Street in downtown Fort Myers, were offered their deposits back. The project has run into difficulties gaining approval from the National Park Service due to its towering presence over[…]

Late night real estate

Would 24 hour real estate work in Fort Myers? Have you heard about the Manhattan broker whose real estate office is open all night. His name is Michael Shvo and his outrageous antics, including this late-night twist, are often the talk of Gotham City’s real estate trenches. This story led[…]

First Street Village Ft Myers

Keystone project for downtown renewal First Street Village brings a fresh exciting approach to development in Downtown Fort Myers. The mixed-use project will include 356 luxury residential units, 38,000 square feet of office space, and 98,000 square feet of retail space to be anchored by a Publix supermarket. Located on[…]

Historic Fort Myers

Downtown makeover underway Downtown Fort Myers Historic District is home to many of the oldest buildings in Lee County. This is an area that I remain bullish on for real estate investments. Just like waterfront property, they are not making any more historic downtown buildings. With several renovations complete it[…]

High Point Place Ft Myers

Riverfront 32-story highrises taking shapeHigh Point Place, the “Uptown Waterfront Tower” is rising in Ft. Myers on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River. The project developer is Cameratta Properties of Broadview Heights, Ohio. The Carlyle Group, a highly respected private equity firm with more than $17.5 billion under management, has[…]

Hotel Indigo in Ft Myers

Boutique hotel planned for Downtown Ft. Myers Holiday Inn Corporation is building a boutique-style hotel in Downtown Ft. Myers. The boutique chain, known as Hotel Indigo will be built on Main Street between Monroe and Broadway. The Hotel Indigo chain offers personalized serviced in a smaller upscale setting. This project[…]

Mixed-use developments

Live, work, shop and play Gated communities have served as the development staple for at least two decades in South Lee County. But as a man once wrote, “The present now will later be past … For the times, they are a-changing.” Representatives from the Lee County government put down[…]

The lure of the latte

Starbucks investing in downtown Ft. MyersAny long time Gulf Returns reader has endured my whining about the lack of Starbucks in SW Florida. It seemed to me that this area was one of the last populated places left on earth without an invasion from our friends in Seattle.Well that has[…]

Urban living economics

Urban growth reduces region-wide housing costs Kudos to Matrix for this post regarding a study by Sacramento State University that suggests overall region-wide housing costs drop if a central or downtown area has a 10% growth in housing. These findings differ from the long-standing belief that reducing sprawl drives up[…]

Ft Myers riverfront

Condo resales….riverfront renaissance wrinkles Surprise Surprise, resales of Ft Myers riverfront condos have been disappointing. A year after Fort Myers’ first downtown condominium tower opened, two of its units have sold for less than the initial buyer paid. In one instance, county records indicate, the buyer lost $46,000. In the[…]

Please….Mr 10G man

…….Reserve a spot for me Maybe I’d pay $10,000 to talk on the phone with Eva Longoria who portrays Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives……but to talk with a sales rep from the the planned Monaco Resort & Spa in Ft. Myers…..You got to be kiddin me!!! This 27 story luxury project,[…]

Hampton Inn developer seeks hand-out

Hotel seeks $875,900 in CRA fundsInvestors behind the proposed downtown Hampton Inn and Suites say they need an $875,900 commitment from the city’s redevelopment district or the project might not be completed. But a committee of high level city officials say the project qualifies for $144,500 of funding through the[…]