Fort Myers 5th Nationally For Inbound Real Estate Searches

Another day….another report recognizing the growing momentum of the Fort Myers-Cape Coral real estate market. The Trulia Metro Movers Report – Fall 2011 ranked the Fort Myers-Cape Coral 5th nationally in its Metro Movers Index. The Metro Movers Index is the ratio of where Americans are looking to move to vs. move away from for a given market.

Invasion of the geeks

Newcomers changing real estate industry A press release from issued today by Lead Lease caught my eye, Internet Entrepreneurs Will Take Control of the Real Estate Industry. While I don’t think much of the expensive hosting services offered by Lead Lease, I couldn’t agree more with the headline that technological[…] real estate search

The future of real estate search Check out, a site dedicated to real estate search. This site developed by some smart Stanford grads, represents the next generation real estate experience. Trulia appears to me to be what the off-spring of a marriage between Google and would look like.[…]