Some of the coolest high-rises in Fort Myers quite literally soar above the rest. Overflowing with desirable amenities, a prime setting and the enjoyment of an enriched condo lifestyle, all offer their own delights for buyers searching for high-rise living in Fort Myers.

The Coolest High-rises in Fort Myers

The market for riverfront high-rises in Downtown Fort Myers is hot…..we are talking top of the stove…..Sahara Desert… car interiors in August hot. The transformation of this market from a bubble-era bust to today’s robust environment is truly remarkable.

Downtown Fort Myers High-rise Market Update

The auction of 75 units at the Fort Myers riverfront high-rise building, the Riviera, will take place today. The auction is being held off-site at the Harbourside Event Center and starts at 11:00 AM. If you are planning on bidding, you will need a cashiers check for $10,000 per unit.[…]

Riviera High-rise Auction Today

The News-Press provides an update on the high-rise scene in the Fort Myers River District. Leasing activity is increasing – drawing in younger tenants High Point Place sales are brisk – at slightly moderated prices First Street Village – will move forward in future Riviera – 75 units to be[…]

Fort Myers High-rise Update