Short Sale Sign

Short sales can offer real value for buyers of Fort Myers area real estate. Often short sale properties are in good shape as the owner is living in the home and cooperating with the lender. Many of our buyers are finding good value in the short sale sector of the market right now.

Fort Myers Short Sale Buyers Tips

Based on data from realtor dot com listings, AOL Real Estate has identified the Fort Myers market as having the 8th highest real estate price increases in the country for the 12-month period ending February 2012. The 12-month median price increase for Fort Myers weighed in at 15.59%.

Fort Myers Real Estate Prices Up 15%

fort myers area homes sold for 94% of asking price in 2011

We often get asked, what will the bank take for that property…..will they accept an offer of 50% of the asking price? Unfortunately the answer is no, banks are not considering those type of low-ball offers.

Fort Myers Homes Sold For 94% of Asking in 2011

Morgan Stanley analyst Oliver Chang recently declared that 2012 will be “The Year of the Landlord.” Chang further elaborated that “Rents are rising, vacancies are falling, household formations are growing and rental supply is limited,” the Morgan Stanley report stated. “We believe the demand for rental properties will continue to grow.”

Cape Coral Income Property

There are many homes and condos on the market in the Fort Myers area that were originally constructed with Chinese drywall, but are now being marketed as “fully remediated.” Many buyers are intrigued, but struggling to move forward with these properties. Buyers looking at these homes are asking:

Should I Buy a Chinese Drywall Remediated Home?