November Sales Strong in Fort Myers

The Realtor Association of Fort Myers and the Beach released November 2009 home sales numbers which highlight significantly increased levels of activity in our market.¬† These figures reinforce the sentiment of our team which has been extremely busy with second home buyers looking to take advantage of our reduced home[…]

Fort Myers Home Sales up 120%

The Naples News reports that single-family home re-sales in the Fort Myers area are up 120% for the first nine months of 2009 vs. the same period last year.¬† In the January thru September period this year, 12,526 single-family homes were sold, up from 5,727 in the same period of[…]

Fort Myers Real Estate Corridors

How about a new way of segmenting the neighborhoods of Fort Myers? Most real estate websites carve up a community by zip code or subdivision, this approach works well if you are familiar with the area and know which zip codes cover the the neighborhoods you are interested in. Although[…]

Market Objectivity in Short Supply

There has recently been a great deal of euphoria regarding the real estate market here in Southwest Florida. A recent News-Press article titled Southwest Florida sees light at the end of housing tunnel cites recent home sales figures to suggest the worst is behind us. While I agree that the[…]

Realtor Prose

One of the things that often makes me cringe is reading the bios on other Realtor’s websites. Especially here in Southwest Florida, many open with “originally from________. It is fine to be from somewhere else, but just don’t tell us in your opening sentence. Others tout being a recent graduate[…]

Fort Myers Realtor Ranks Thinning

According to stats recently released by the Greater Fort Myers and the Beach Board of Realtors, membership was down about 10% in 2009 vs 2008. Hard to argue that a culling of the herd isn’t a good thing when it comes to Lee County Realtor ranks.

Home Buyers Flocking To Fort Myers

Market stats recently released by the Greater Fort Myers and the Beach MLS substantiate what we are seeing in the trenches. Sales in December 2008 were up a whopping 181 percent over December 2007. In December, 1,034 homes sold, up from 367 a year ago. Buyers are back in a[…]

Seller Tip – MLS Report Quality

Great column by Chris Griffiths in the Naples News for home sellers about inspecting your MLS listing. Making a few key changes to the listing information can greatly improve your house’s chances of selling. A stale, incomplete or inaccurate listing in the MLS system truly hurts your chances of sucess.[…]

MLS inventory bulging

Buyers in the drivers seatBuyers rule the day in the current real estate market here in Southwest Florida. The growing inventory has pushed all the leverage to the buyers side of the balance sheet. Just how big has the inventory of available property gotten here in Lee County? For illustrations[…]