History behind the Tamiami Trail: Muck, Mosquitoes, and Motorists

Originally conceived as a way to connect Tampa to Miami, the Tamiami Trail stretches more than 270 miles across the State of Florida. Opened up in the late 1920s, the roadway is considered one of the major forces in drawing tourists to the state. While Florida’s warm temperatures were certainly[…]

Dean Park Celebrates 100 Years

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Fort Myers, Dean Park is celebrating a century of history. Sitting just to the north of Downtown Fort Myers, this 100-year-old community was first developed in 1920 when the remote city only had about 4,000 residents.

sanibel lighthouse

The Iconic Sanibel Lighthouse

An island known for its beautiful beaches and plentiful shelling is sometimes recognized for an entirely different reason. The iconic Sanibel Lighthouse welcomes visitors to the island today just as it has for generations.

Bailey s General Store: A Sanibel Treasure

Locally owned and operated for well more than a century, Bailey’s General Store remains a true Sanibel Island treasure. A staple in the community for at least 120 years now, Bailey’s officially got its start back in the late 1800s.

Jubilee Celebration for Cape Coral

The city of Cape Coral is gearing up for a major milestone, with a big celebration to mark the occasion. Cape Coral’s upcoming 50th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration is coming up at the end of January. The 24th of the month marks the beginning of the city’s golden anniversary festivities. Put[…]

The Wacky History of Koreshan State Park

A popular spot for kayaking and camping, Koreshan State Park also boasts a pretty wacky history. It seems in the late 1800s the leader of a religious sect convinced 200 or so of his Chicago followers to move to Florida.

Lee County Buys Mound Key Parcel For Conservation

Lee County just made a major buy when it comes to conservation. Commissioners recently unanimously approved spending $860,000 to buy the final privately-owned piece of land on Mound Key. It’s part of the Conservation 20/20 Land Acquisition Program.

Historic Homes in Bonita Springs

While Bonita Springs offers some impressive new construction homes for buyers to choose from, it’s also the site of several historic homes. It’s that selection of homes that has some preservationists hard at work.

Statue of Thomas Edison in Old Fort Myers

Rediscover History at the Ford & Edison Winter Estates

Complete with gardens, a museum and historic homes, the Ford & Edison Winter Estates provide the perfect excuse to take a stroll back in history. Located along McGregor Boulevard in Downtown Fort Myers, the estates combine to form one of the nation’s most visited historic home sites.

sanibel historical museum and village

Celebrate Island History at the Sanibel Museum

For a taste of the history of Sanibel Island, consider at visit to the Sanibel Historical Museum and Village. Not only is it a place to celebrate the island’s history, but also to give a better understanding of its present and potentially its future. Dedicated to telling the story of[…]


Fort Myers Was Once Gladiolus Capital

You’ve likely heard Fort Myers referred to before as the City of Palms, but Fort Myers also holds the former title of Gladiolus Capital of the World. The colorful bulbs first began sprouting up in Fort Myers in the 1930s, as growers fled to the area to help their crops avoid the winter freeze.

fort myers beach arches

Fort Myers Beach Arches Might be Returning

For more than a half-century, dual arches symbolically marked the entrance to Fort Myers Beach, before eventually succumbing to the need for new development. Now, decades later, though, it seems the infamous arches could be making a comeback. First erected in the mid-1920s, the Fort Myers Beach Arches were well known for welcoming people to the beach, and it seems nearly every local or visitor who passed through the arches had their own story to tell.

billy bowlegs

The Legend of Billy Bowlegs

While the Fort Myers of today is noted mostly for its beautiful homes and sensational beaches, generations ago the area was better known for supplying the legend of Billy Bowlegs. The leader of the Seminole tribe in the mid 1800s, Chief Billy Bowlegs led the Third Seminole War against the white settlers infringing on tribal territory, with a series of attacks that spanned for several years.

downtown fort myers

A Look Back at Early Fort Myers

Now a thriving and vibrant city known for its spectacular scenery and admirable real estate, the history of Fort Myers actually dates back several decades, traced to the exploration of Ponce de Leon in the 1500s and an actual fort in the 1800s.

cape coral amphibicar

Cape Coral: The Early Years

Cape Coral is on the Gulf of Mexico and was developed as a master-planned community in the late 1950s by two entrepreneurial brothers from Baltimore, Jack and Leonard Rosen. Nicknamed the “Waterfront Wonderland,” Cape Coral is a city with more than 400 miles of waterways, and more canals (400+) than any city in the world!

mccollum hall fort myers

McCollum Hall Had Historic Past

The grand opening of the much-anticipated McCollum Hall took place in 1938 ushering in an Art Deco period building where men and women wearing tailored clothing danced to live music on polished floors. The 2,500 square foot dance hall named after Buck McCollum has been gutted and vandalized for decades.