Former Weeks Fish Camp Being Redeveloped

The old Weeks Fish Camp in Bonita Springs is in line for redevelopment, but locals are raising concerns about what that development will entail. Last year London Bay Homes purchased 30-acres of property on Estero Bay from another developer, which includes the old fish camp.

Mound Key Archaeological State Park

Above the waters of Estero Bay, the 30-foot shell mounds and ridges of Mound Key is a man-made island covered by mangrove trees. This island’s mounds showered with an abundance of seashells, fish bones and pottery have been around since prehistoric Native Americans created the island. Mound Key was a meaningful site of the Calusa Indians and thought to be its ceremonial center when the Spaniards attempted to colonize Southwest Florida.

Is Estero Bay Coming to Southwest Florida?

As reported in the News-Press, the residents of four South Fort Myers communities want to secede from Fort Myers and join Estero. Unfortunately, the US Postal service cannot handle the increased load in Estero and won’t approve this change. As a compromise, the four communities are proposing a name change to Estero Bay,