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Big Thinking in North Fort Myers

Community leaders are thinking big in North Fort Myers, where a pilot program aims to spur new economic development in parts of the city. Specifically, the project’s aimed at North Fort Myers, where $2 million is currently earmarked to encourage new office, commercial and industrial development.

Comefly Airlines

Fort Myers Gets Direct Flights From Denmark

RSW in Fort Myers has scored a major tourism coupe landing direct flights from Denmark cities of Copenhagen and Aalborg, Denmark’s fourth largest city. European discount operator, Comefly selected RSW for its Florida destination over East Coast destinations. Currently, RSW serves Dusseldorf, Montreal and Toronto with direct International flights.

Strategic Planning in Cape Coral

It was wonderful to see that the community leadership in Cape Coral is meeting to strategize about bringing new businesses and attractions to Cape Coral. The economy of the Cape, which has long been fueled by real estate and development, desperately needs to diversify into other areas.