Should I Buy a Chinese Drywall Remediated Home?

There are many homes and condos on the market in the Fort Myers area that were originally constructed with Chinese drywall, but are now being marketed as “fully remediated.” Many buyers are intrigued, but struggling to move forward with these properties. Buyers looking at these homes are asking:

Chinese Drywall Update

The Bradenton Herald reports that Chinese drywall saga is entering a crucial phase: Within the next few weeks, officials expect to determine how much of a fire hazard, if any, the contaminated product poses. They’ll also have a better idea of how much the drywall contaminates the air inside affected[…]

Builders Face Up to Drywall Liabilities

Here is the latest news regarding Chinese Drywall which has been found in hundreds of homes and condos in Southwest Florida.  It is good to see the publicly traded builders stepping up and taking responsibility for this problem. Publicly traded builders are being grilled by analysts about their liability in[…]

Chinese Drywall Update

The Chinese drywall problems plaguing SW Florida were highlighted in a recent Wall Street Journal article. Anyone looking at purchasing a SW Florida homes built in the 2002-2006 timeframe should absolutely have a housing inspection performed by a building inspector with experience with Chinese drywall detection.

Cape Coral Chinese Drywall Scam

Here is a new scam regarding Chinese drywall. Someone is posting fake notices that an inspection has found Chinese drywall inside of several Cape Coral homes in foreclosure. Most of the homes are due to be auctioned and the theory is that someone is trying to scare off other bidders[…]