lee county property line

Home Buyer Tip: Research with Lee County Property Line

If you’re in the market for a new home it’s important to do some research, not only about the location you want to live but in order to learn as much about a property as you can before signing off on a deal. In Lee County it’s easy to do, by utilizing the Lee County Property Line.

Closing Cost Estimator

Here is a helpful tool courtesy of Gibson, Kohl, Wolff & Hric. P.L. that will estimate closing costs for both buyers and sellers.

Fort Myers Home Seller Blues

Selling a home can be a challenging endeavor right now in Southwest Florida. With an MLS chocked full of foreclosures and short sale listings, regular sellers are under constant pricing pressure each and every day

Its All About Price – Fort Myers Real Estate

The 10,000 lbs elephant in the room right now in the Fort Myers real estate market is that of price. Buyers are inundated with short sale and foreclosure deals and are locked and loaded looking for a deal. A traditional seller that purchased a home after about 2003 doesn’t stand much of a chance of generating a profit on a home sale.

Lenders Pursuing Deficiency Judgments

Business Week reports that lenders are stepping up their efforts to collect on deficiency judgments of mortgage defaulters. The article reports that banks are seeking deficiency judgments in both short sale and foreclosure scenarios.

Home Seller Reality Check

The NY Times has an informative article about seller expectations and the consequences of listing a home for sale at an unrealistic price point. In our market, distressed properties are the baseline which are setting the pricing bar across most communities and sectors. If you are selling in a community[…]

Cape Coral Lot Owners Association

If there is a silver lining in the SW Florida real estate bust, it is that I no longer get stacks of low-ball mail solicitations for vacant lots that I own in Cape Coral. Today, a different sort of Cape Coral vacant lot solicitation was sitting in my mailbox. It[…]

Home Buyers Flocking To Fort Myers

Market stats recently released by the Greater Fort Myers and the Beach MLS substantiate what we are seeing in the trenches. Sales in December 2008 were up a whopping 181 percent over December 2007. In December, 1,034 homes sold, up from 367 a year ago. Buyers are back in a[…]

Excelling Realtors

A recent Washington Post article titled, Working Harder For Every Sale, chronicles several Realtors going the extra mile to sell a clients home. I applaud the creativity and initiative put forth by these excelling realtors. Recent statistics from the National Association of Realtors suggest that 82% of all real estate[…]

Web 2.0 Real Estate

The Washington Post discusses the rapidly growing importance of web 2.0 practices in the real estate industry. Wikipedia defines Web 2.0 as: a living term describing changing trends in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to enhance creativity, information sharing, collaboration and functionality of[…]

Seller Tip – MLS Report Quality

Great column by Chris Griffiths in the Naples News for home sellers about inspecting your MLS listing. Making a few key changes to the listing information can greatly improve your house’s chances of selling. A stale, incomplete or inaccurate listing in the MLS system truly hurts your chances of sucess.[…]