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Apprentice sidekick comments on Cape Coral & Lehigh

George Ross, who recently wrote a great book, Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor, hosted an on-line chat on Here is bearish feedback from George to a question about the Cape Coral & Lehigh real estate market:

jc: Q: The Florida market, Cape Coral & Lehigh Acres, have been booming these past few years. Do you still see these regions steadily rising in the future?
George_Ross: No

You have to admire George’s ability to answer in a succinct manner.

I wonder how George feels about Apprentice 3 winner Kendra Todd running around scoffing at the very thought of a real estate bubble in SW Florida. In a recent presentation to the Naples Area Board of Realtors Todd said,

“Folks, bubbles are for bathtubs, not real estate,”

My money is on George remaining in the gainful employment of The Donald longer than Kendra.

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