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The future of real estate search

Check out, a site dedicated to real estate search. This site developed by some smart Stanford grads, represents the next generation real estate experience. Trulia appears to me to be what the off-spring of a marriage between Google and would look like.

The truly fascinating aspect of Trulia is that it uses data obtained from individual agent and broker sites, bypassing the strong arm of the multiple listing services. I believe that technology like spiders, RSS and GIS mapping utilized by Trulia will be more effective at creating MLS competition than any government lawsuit or legislation.

You heard it here, there is a whole wave of Trulia optimization coming to the real estate industry. Realtors will soon become very focused on optimizing their site and listings to be friendly to the Trulia web spider.

While operational now in California, Trulia plans a national launch. This one feels like a winner to me.

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