While Bonita Springs offers some impressive new construction homes for buyers to choose from, it’s also the site of several historic homes. It’s that selection of homes that has some preservationists hard at work.

Historic Homes in Bonita Springs

Statue of Thomas Edison in Old Fort Myers

Complete with gardens, a museum and historic homes, the Ford & Edison Winter Estates provide the perfect excuse to take a stroll back in history. Located along McGregor Boulevard in Downtown Fort Myers, the estates combine to form one of the nation’s most visited historic home sites.

Rediscover History at the Ford & Edison Winter Estates

sanibel historical museum and village

For a taste of the history of Sanibel Island, consider at visit to the Sanibel Historical Museum and Village. Not only is it a place to celebrate the island’s history, but also to give a better understanding of its present and potentially its future. Dedicated to telling the story of[…]

Celebrate Island History at the Sanibel Museum


You’ve likely heard Fort Myers referred to before as the City of Palms, but Fort Myers also holds the former title of Gladiolus Capital of the World. The colorful bulbs first began sprouting up in Fort Myers in the 1930s, as growers fled to the area to help their crops avoid the winter freeze.

Fort Myers Was Once Gladiolus Capital

fort myers beach arches

For more than a half-century, dual arches symbolically marked the entrance to Fort Myers Beach, before eventually succumbing to the need for new development. Now, decades later, though, it seems the infamous arches could be making a comeback. First erected in the mid-1920s, the Fort Myers Beach Arches were well known for welcoming people to the beach, and it seems nearly every local or visitor who passed through the arches had their own story to tell.

Fort Myers Beach Arches Might be Returning